[iPhone/iPad] HDR Fusion 輕鬆把玩HDR特效,APP限免下載中


  • 應用名稱:HDR Fusion
  • 好康優惠:原價美金1.99 → 限時免費下載
  • 應用分類:攝影
  • 適用平台:iPhone、iPad、iPod

喜歡玩HDR特效的網友有福囉,HDR Fusion這套攝影軟體免費下載囉,上面寫著TODAY ONLY,是不是真的不知道,但快去下載準沒錯。

TODAY ONLY - Get this paid app FREE!!!
HDR photography is fun... Waiting minutes to get the results is not! Introducing HDR Fusion, now capture real HDR pictures faster than ever!
Featuring real time image analysis and ultra fast image processing, HDR Fusion has been designed so that you can quickly catch those unique moments. Simply launch the app, tap the shutter button and preview the result almost instantly!
● Real HDR pictures using under/over exposed pictures
● Ultra-fast image processing - Four times faster than competitors!
● Automatic mode with real time image analysis
● Manual mode with exposure points selection
● Rapid mode switching
● Handy Self-Timer

hdr1 hdr2


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