[iPAD] Coin Push HD 類推錢幣遊戲限時免費下載


  • 應用名稱:Coin Push HD
  • 好康優惠:原價美金1.99 → 限時免費下載
  • 應用分類:遊戲
  • 適用平台:iPad

Realistic version of the Coin Push HD - lasvegas
Perhaps you want to experience the thrill inside a casino, or maybe you are always itching for a game on the coin push machine, perhaps you have yet to find a suitable tool for leisure past time .
Realistic version of Coin Push HD - lasvegas is now ready! Clear picture quality, Big-style gaming tables, Real chips impression and lots of small features allowing you to enjoy your addiction on iphone.
The game is simple, click manually on the coin inserting area, real effects simulation of the gold coins falling down。 Gold coin numbers is amounting to the numbers you have inserted, when you're online, the system will add on a gold coin every 30 seconds, even if you are offline the system will also add on a gold coin but once every 9 minutes, so do not worry that you will be bankrupt .
In the game there is are numerous collection items. Collectibles will drop randomly from time to time, pushed it and it will automatically enter into your collection cabinet, compete with your friends on the collectibles .
Also, if your gold coins quantity is low, visit the Coin Shop to Top-Up for more gold coins.

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