[iPhone/iPad] Yogic Breath 教你如何在練瑜珈時正確的呼吸


  • 應用名稱:Yogic Breath
  • 好康優惠:原價美金0.99 → 限時免費下載
  • 應用分類:健康、運動
  • 適用平台:iPhone、iPad、iPod
  • 軟體說明:很多人都喜歡練瑜珈,而這個軟體就是在教你如何正確的呼吸,搭配瑜珈的動作來取得最好的效果

An easy way to practice powerful Yogic breathing. We have selected key Yogic breathing techniques and presented them in an easy to use format , with step by step instructions , video demonstration and audio practice with the voice of true yoga master.
Yogic breathing, or Pranayama, is the science of breath control. It consists of series of exercises especially intended to meet the body’s needs and keep it in vibrant health.The primary element of life is derived from the air we breathe. In yoga, this subtle element is known as prana or life-force. Prana is not the air itself but the subtle life-giving element extracted from the air. The more life-force you have in your body, the more “alive” you are.

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